Frequently Asked Questions

Please note we will not be accepting any physical gift donations as part of the Christmas Tree Appeal 2023.

Please do not contact us about donating physical gifts.

How do I buy a gift?

Click on Gifts, scroll through the age groups or use the search bar and select the gift you want to purchase. Simply click Buy Now and confirm your purchase (if you are not registered you will need to register your details). Your credit card information will then be requested to take payment for your purchase. 

How do I make a donation?

Click on Make A Donation and choose your gift amount. Donations will be put towards gifts. Once all gifts are provided for children on our lists, funds will be used to provide direct practical and emotional support for disadvantaged children in London at Christmas and beyond. 

How do I remove items from my checkout?

You can click on "view my cart" and remove items from your checkout by clicking the bin symbol.   

When does the appeal close?

Gifts and donations can be made up until 23:59 on Saturday the 24th of December 2023.